About Us

KOKOMO TNG is and has been the most popular private party band in Kansas City for any type of private party, especially wedding receptions.  The Band features four lead vocalists in an incomparable ensemble fashion, a driving rhythm section and superb soloists who play all the songs you want to hear.  The repertoire is broad.  It ranges from from older classics by such artists as Frank Sinatra, Aretha and Michael Buble to newer, more contemporary material from Bruno Mars, Adele and Maroon 5 and tons of things in between!  

KOKOMO has achieved recognition in Kansas City and throughout the Midwest that no other band ever has.  The Band has been voted Kansas City's Best Band by The Independent Magazine and has been nominated one of the Top 100 Bands in the USA by Modern Bride Magazine.  Founding member Jeff Moffet has been inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame and female vocalist Kirsten Paludan is a three time Vocalist of the Year nominee by The Pitch.

KOKOMO began as a College dance and party band.  After moving to Kansas City the two owner/operators, Jeff Moffet and Jeff Wright (the Jeffs), crafted a group that specializes in driving the private party dance floor and keeping the entire event engaged. 

You will find KOKOMO playing fun music for fun clients at the best wedding receptions, civic events, company and country club parties in Kansas City!