The Greatest Wedding Picture Ever
This amazing image was captured by notable Kansas City photographer Tracy Routh on September 27, 2014.  KOKOMO was the band playing this incredible wedding reception on the terrace of The Kansas City Country Club.  What makes this spontaneous photo so outstanding is the exuberance of the Bride in the center, her enthusiastic Mother with arm raised to the left and the fact that they are joined on the right by family friend and international recording artist Sheryl Crow.  Earlier in the evening Sheryl Crow, accompanied by KOKOMO, had played her first smash hit, "All I Wanna Do" (is have some FUN), which is the way the whole evening turned out as the place went wild!  Two songs later with the entire terrace in a dance frenzie, this picture was snapped during the chorus of the wedding reception classic, "Sweet Caroline!"  To see additional photos taken by Tracy Routh of this remarkable reception and very special night please click through the gallery below.
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